Transform Microsoft Forms to a business process 2

So, you created a form in Microsoft Forms. With or without a little help of my basic instruction. Now how to take the next step to embed this form in your business process.

Control some settings

You have some basic settings to control the input.
Who can fill out the form?

  • Anyone with the link can respond
  • Only people in my organization can respond. And of course you can control if they can fill in the form more than once or not

A simple switch to Accept or Deny responses at that moment. Or schedule with a start and end date.
You can turn on that every time a response is filled out that you will receive an email notification.
You can view the responses right from the website, download an Excel with responses, however you can also embed it in other ways...


And there Microsoft Flow kicks in. You can use Microsoft Flow to start a business process flow each time a Microsoft Form gets filled out. You can of course also use the basic setting. I prefer a nice HTML email with some (but not all) details to the person who filled out the form and an email to the department or functional mailbox who monitors the feedback flow.

Where do you need the data

You can easy generate one or more Excel files with flow and split up the filled-out data. So important data for department A is visible only for that department. And info for department B can be automatically stored in a different Excel file on a different location with different permissions so only department B can read and process the data.
A simple way to separate filled out surveys or questionnaires based on "need to know" basis.

Stay in control

By deleting or disabling forms that are not in use anymore. Check the "Accept responses" setting for each form that you want to disable. At the responses tab when your form is open you can select a single response to delete, and you can also delete all responses without deleting the form.